Death Cult Democrats say killing newborn babies the day they’re born is good for the economy, so what’s next, exterminating senior citizens?

It’s now legal in New York to kill a perfectly healthy newborn child after it exits the mother’s womb, on the day of birth, if the mom and doctor agree the mom doesn’t want it. Abortionists are using sick and twisted methods to kill these day young humans, too, including forcing instruments into the soft spots of their heads, twisting their heads off their necks, or cutting their spinal cords with utility scissors.

Babies surviving abortion is not as rare as one might think, either. Thousands of children have survived abortions in the four decades since it’s been legalized nationally. Conservatively speaking, at least 1,200 children survive abortion every year in the USA alone. Now, the Death Cult Democrats (DDC) just voted to let these same abortion survivors suffocate to death in front of the mother, if she so chooses, since no medical coverage can be used to save it. For the DDC, this is call for mass celebration. Get the confetti and the champagne and toast to infanticide.

The number of live births post abortion is actually much higher than 1,200 per year, as the reporting of this heinous crime is voluntary. Most children born alive after failed abortion attempts are left to die.

So if the DDC finds this not just acceptable, but something worth celebrating, as they did when they signed the bill in New York, then what’s next? Surely this is just the tip of the iceberg for population control beginning in 2019. AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) already declared everyone should think twice (hint-hint) before having children, starting now (all based on the global warming hoax and the threat of the whole world bursting into flames inside of 12 years).

Maybe the DDC will extend the abortion-fail-murder-rule to one week after birth, or even a month or a year. Why not? Maybe the mother needs a little longer to think about whether or not she can or wants to raise that child. Why not twist their head off at their first birthday, since, according to the DDC, newborns don’t have souls or feel pain anyway?

And what about senior citizens? Adolf Hitler wanted to exterminate anyone who was a “financial” or “economic burden” on society. Will the DDC pass a law to kill off grandma and grandpa for the same reasons they created and passed the infanticide bill? And what about blacks, Christians, and Jews; it’s more than obvious the Democrats hate them too.

Democrats are demanding police take your DNA sample during arrests and create a database, so what’s next, PRE-CRIME arrests?

No, you’re not reading a scene out of George Orwell’s “1984” book. The Democrat Death Cult wants to start arresting people for just thinking about bad things (God only knows what they think about doing every day to Trump supporters). More than 60 police departments across the U.S. are already amassing DNA databases to track criminals (and non-criminals), without restrictions as to who can access them, or how long the information is retained on record (which means probably forever).

Local agencies are making up their own rules for DNA cataloguing, including for kids (who aren’t arrested by the way) and for people who aren’t even arrested either. Wait, what? Yep. You could simply be pulled over for a routine traffic violation or just suspected of a DUI, and voila – your genes just got data-based like a blueprint. All they need are a few cells, say from a mouth swab, and they “gotcha” on file. And just like that, surprise, surprise, you just got swabbed, catalogued, and prepped for a future pre-crime arrest.

States and the feds typically require a conviction, arrest or warrant before your DNA sample is entered into their collections, but not your local “po-po.” They’re skirting all regulations. Plus, no more waiting for the state or feds to jump in to help solve a case. Private labs are returning DNA samples inside of a month now to the cops. Who pays for it? The police use the money from seized criminal assets.

So what’s next? Ever seen the Netflix series “Person of Interest” or the hit movie starring Tom Cruz called “Minority Report?”

Coming soon to your neck of the woods: The systematic removal of all your Constitutional rights by the Democrat Death Cult

As Democrats continue to systematically remove U.S. citizens’ constitutional rights, we aren’t too far away from the Deep State Leftists arresting people for pre-crimes. Think about it. They’re already calling for mass gun confiscation across the country. We already see the DDC enforcing “red flag” gun confiscation laws in Maryland, forced vaccination at gunpoint in the whole state of California, and day-of-birth abortions in New York and the DDC blocking of the “Born Alive” bill.

The red flag gun laws allow anyone, including your neighbor or your doctor, to simply hypothesize and say they think you MIGHT be a threat, and the swat team shows up at your door at 4 a.m. to take your legal weapons away at gunpoint.

So, just combine the medical database with the new DNA local cop database, and scrub that against all your social media posts, and soon the DDC will be mass-arresting everyone who supports Trump or bad-mouths the Clintons or AOC. Here comes socialism folks.

Pre-crime is catching on fast. Don’t think so? The new “PredPol” system is already in use by the cops in California, Maryland and Florida. They say it reduces human bias in policing, but actually it increases racism and bias in general.

You see, PredPol (short for predator policing) algorithms lead officers to certain neighborhoods that have high numbers of racial minorities, regardless of the real crime rate for that vicinity. Oops. These are called “feedback loops” and they’re quite dangerous to human and civil rights.

Tune into for updates on the DDC, Jeff “Bozo” Bezos, Bill “Vaccine Genocide” Gates, AOC, and the tech giants, all trying to reduce the population of America by 100,000,000 people over the next ten years, all while getting their brain-dead zombie followers to vote for it.

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