Two Holocausts: Adolf Hitler exterminated 6 million Jews in the early 1940s, and Planned Parenthood has exterminated 8 million babies since 1970

A massive tragedy, like genocide, is much easier to recognize and catalog into history books when it happens over a short period of time, say a few years, but when one is stretched out over decades, people are less apt to realize the extent of the atrocity, and less likely to sum up all the damage and “see the forest for the trees.” This is the case with Planned Parenthood – an organization founded by a racist named Margaret Sanger on the premise of preventing as many blacks as possible from having babies by sterilizing the women, or if they get pregnant, killing the infants before they ever exit the womb.

The scariest aspect of the latest “planned” genocide is that it’s ongoing, and rarely a soul recognizes that it’s a silent World War III, with “leaders” that are just as sick and twisted as the infamous Adolf Hitler, who also terminated millions of lives of humans he scapegoated, claiming they were worthless and a “burden on society.” Planned Parenthood has already accomplished its initial goal of exterminating millions of black babies, and now they’ve surpassed Adolf Hitler, exterminating eight million humans, while the baby murdering keeps hitting the “chopping block” at 57,000 U.S. babies every year. Wake up everybody.

Planned Parenthood is PLANNED GENOCIDE and has nothing at all to do with giving poor folks advice on being good parents

Yes, Planned Parenthood (PP) began as the “American Birth Control League” (ABCL) in 1921 in New York with the mission of getting rid of black babies. Margaret Sanger, PP’s founder, literally argued first for mandatory sterilization and segregation for people with mental and/or physical disabilities. It was called “debaptism” (a French term). Sanger said it was the best way to “purify our national memory.” But the psychopathic eugenicist wasn’t stopping there, as she said, “The first step would be to control the intake and output on morons, mental defectives, epileptics.”

Then, she targeted blacks, saying that a “much larger class of undesirables” would be forced to choose either sterilization or placement in concentration camps she called “state work camps.” She declared Planned Parenthood (ABCL) would “take inventory of the second group, such as illiterates, paupers, unemployables, criminals, prostitutes, dope-fiends” – and classify them into special departments under government control and segregation. The only way these folks could ever return to civilization, according to her, would be after they underwent sterilization and demonstrated acceptable behavior.

Margaret Sanger approximated that up to 20 million Americans fit the bill for these concentration camps at the time. You see, Hitler wasn’t the first to murder millions of innocents, and he surely isn’t the last.

Planned Parenthood is a public and “legal” method for exterminating the poor so they can’t multiply. It’s as simple and sick as that. That’s why nearly every PP center is located in highly populated inner-cities. It should be called “Planned Abortion-hood” because it really has nothing to do with helping families grow and be healthy; in fact, it’s just the opposite. Hitler had the same twisted psychopathic eugenics theories as Margaret Sanger – he too wanted to execute all the “undesirables” – and that included the Jews, blacks, elderly, handicapped, mentally challenged, autistic, and all non-whites.

Planned Parenthood founder said she didn’t want the “word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population”

Margaret Sanger penned a letter in 1939 where she literally explained the true nature of her “outreach” to the African-American community. She aimed to insidiously appeal to them through religion, because she didn’t want the word to get out that the real goal was to sterilize all black women and exterminate any of their babies in the womb. Here’s an excerpt from what she wrote in the letter:

“The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

Today, nary a black person knows that Planned Parenthood is STILL trying to erase their race. If you’re looking to plan a family and be a responsible, caring parent, then just do it, and don’t look to racist, genocidal freaks for advice, because the only “advice” you’ll get from PP is to abort, so they can sell the baby’s organs on the black market for cold crisp cash, like they’ve already been busted on video doing.

Tune into for more coverage of how the new Democratic-Socialist-Communist party plans to continue with the extermination of minority babies at record speed, as part of their genocidal plan, led by Nancy Pelosi and Planned Parenthood (a.k.a. Planned Abortion-hood) to “improve” society and lessen the burden of over-population.

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